Play Flappy Bird Online on your PC and Mac for free with no registration

Play Flappy Bird Online on Computer.

Once a great game, Flappy Bird lived a short but unforgettable life. What a game! I will be honest with you, my highest ever score was 7. I don’t think if I should be ashamed of that – it just wasn’t my game. But that didn’t stop me from playing Flappy Bird over and over and over again. And over again. When I decided to play Flappy Bird on PC, I didn’t know it would be so much easier and I would spend even more time on it. What an addictive  game.

Unfortunately for us, Dong Nguyen, the developer of the game, removed it from both AppStore and Play Store after only a couple of weeks leaving us frustrated. At least those of us, who have heard about Flappy Bird after it was deleted from mobile markets.

Fortunately for us, I found the exact copy of the game for PC- you can play Flappy Bird on computer too, now.

Play Flappy Bird Online on your PC or Mac or Linux for free with no registration.

We do ask for a “like”, or a “tweet” or a “google plus” though. Forgive us for that!

Leave your highscore in the comments below so we can try to beat you. If you think it’s too high and unbelievable, please, kindly attach a screenshot so we believe and praise you.


Play Flappy Bird Online. You can still download the last ORIGINAL version of Flappy Bird for Android here.